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22x22x15 Hep2O Branch Reduced Tee


Hep2O Reducing Tee.

Hep2O is suitable for most domestic and commercial plumbing
applications: hot and cold water services and heating. In addition to new construction, the extreme flexibility of the Hep2O
pipe means it is the ideal solution for renovation, system extensions and situations where space is restricted. This means
Hep2O is widely used on mobile homes, portable homes and
boats, as well as in traditional residential and commercial
plumbing installations. The compatibility of Hep2O fittings with
copper ensures a simple, fast and reliable method of jointing
to traditional materials on site. Hep2O pipe is also the ideal
material for use in conduit ‘pipe-in-pipe’ installations where
the combination of pipe flexibility and straight coil technology
gives significant advantages for ease of handling compared to
other pipe materials.


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