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With load shedding becoming the new “normal” we are all looking at alternative energy sources. Heating water is one of the most energy consuming functions in any home. Traditional geysers consumes lots of electricity as the elements are 3kw rated and insulation is absent in most installations. Installing a gas geyser is relatively inexpensive and the installation process is also easy. The latest gas geysers are very effective and economic in terms of gas consumption.

Gas geysers can be used in conjunction with a solar geyser using a solar to gas valve. In this system the two sources compliment each other, this is also saving gas consumption as well as always having hot water.

Installing alternative hot water sources has economic incentive but more important the ecological impact is much less, smaller carbon footprint, less pollution and fossil fuels being burnt.

We have added a range of gas geysers ranging from low pressure, high pressure, indoor and outdoor and for the outdoor lovers some camping units that makes roughing it up a bit more comfortable.

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