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Part of the Harscan product offering is geared towards problem solving in the plumbing and related industries.

Hep2O is a great example, The simplified push fit system has taken the margin of error out of water supply by putting the technology in the fitting design. The system’s compatibility with other pipes plastic and copper really makes it the go to product for repairs and retro fit jobs. The flexibility of the pipe also allows for the pipe to be installed at awkward angles. Our new 10 rolls makes Hep2O a must on any maintenance vehicle.

We offer the Viega hot water circulation valves. These valves makes balancing hot water a breeze. The German design and functionality makes this valve to be used more an more, and engineers has also caught on to the products and the ease of design incorporating the valve.

We also have the Oatea Blue Lava PVC cement, this product can be applied under water and will still provide a water tight seal.

These are only a few examples of how our products can solve daily problems.

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